A Week of Change

Do you find it odd that there are people in parts of the world who are dying prematurely due to lack of food and at the same time people in other parts of the world are dying prematurely due to too much of the wrong kinds of foods?

If you answered, “yes” then keep reading.

The first week of November proved to be a week of change for my daughter B and I. We spent the week at a Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, NC.

First and foremost, we learned how to eat and juice as Vegans.We also experienced some unpleasant detoxing – but in a safe environment.

If you are interested in where we were and what it’s all about, you can visit their website HERE.

We watched many powerful videos, but my favorite was: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This movie inspired me to go on a 7 day juice fast. I’m doing a video diary to document my journey and I will be adding those after I’m finished with it. Currently I’m on day four and feeling great!

Much to my delight, and surprise, my husband wants to try a vegan diet for one month. This means our whole family can become healthy together – which will make it much easier for me!

My hope is to have our story inspire others to try a healthier lifestyle. Honestly, with Obamacare, we need to become less reliant on the medical industry and more reliant on our own natural resources and faith for our health.

Check out the links above for some inspiration. I’ll be back to post my 7 pounds in 7 day video diaries soon.

I’m juiced you’ve been here!

Sonya Lee

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