Space, The Final Frontier

Are any of you Star Trek fans? Then you will remember this line from every episode, “Space, the Final Frontier.”
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I’ve recently adapted it to fit into my own life. Instead of outer space, I am using it to represent my own personal space, or as Michael Hyatt recently posted, Margin.

During the month of June, my life was in hyper-drive. The children needed to be driven all over town at any given moment, and I began impulse buying whenever I had the chance to drop by the store, causing my budget to blow up. I had zero time to spend with my friends, or my husband, or even God. My writing ceased, and with it, my navigational system went out.

After a monthh of this, I realized the importance of creating space in every area of my life. Just as the Enterprise had a Chief Engineer, Scotty, to maintain the ship, I needed to have a plan of action for my life in writing.. Reading the above post on Margin, inspired me to compile an ideal week.

Now I realize the importance of setting aside certain days of the week for writing, and adult time, and yes, even time for my kids to be driven all over town. This way, I can post it on the refrigerator, and my entire crew can see where we are headed.

My budget is back on track, thanks to a recent book called, “World’s Cheapest Family.” Amazingly, the advice in this book goes right along with my newfound desire to create space in my life. Now my finances can have the proper space, ccreating a much safer flying experience.

How’s your ship running these days? Have you given up space, allowing your ship to run out of control? If so, pull into tthe healing station and create your own ideal week, then head out into the abyss with confidence that you are running on all cylinders.

Until next time, this has been Captains Log, #1.


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  • Jean Neulen

    I was never into Star Trek but i can see the necessity of blocking time especially when you have so many things pressing against you.