The Dog Ate My Notes!

I’ve been on a blogging fast for quite a few months now. I have been writing and submitting my devotions and inspirational pieces, just not on this type of media venue. Then I felt inspiration…

Sunday, the sermon was spot on! Having forgotten my iPad for note taking, I resorted to the traditional pen and paper, as I knew a blog post would probably follow. Insert Picture A below:



This is what happens when you use the pen and paper way of note taking, and proceed to leave your notes on a short end table and have a teething puppy! The dog most certainly tried to eat my notes. *sigh*

Not to fret, this simply means I will need to listen to the inspiring message via podcast and then I’ll come back here to write the post. Until then, BEWARE OF DOG!

Sonya Lee


A Week of Change

Do you find it odd that there are people in parts of the world who are dying prematurely due to lack of food and at the same time people in other parts of the world are dying prematurely due to too much of the wrong kinds of foods?

If you answered, “yes” then keep reading.

The first week of November proved to be a week of change for my daughter B and I. We spent the week at a Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, NC.

First and foremost, we learned how to eat and juice as Vegans.We also experienced some unpleasant detoxing – but in a safe environment.

If you are interested in where we were and what it’s all about, you can visit their website HERE.

We watched many powerful videos, but my favorite was: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This movie inspired me to go on a 7 day juice fast. I’m doing a video diary to document my journey and I will be adding those after I’m finished with it. Currently I’m on day four and feeling great!

Much to my delight, and surprise, my husband wants to try a vegan diet for one month. This means our whole family can become healthy together – which will make it much easier for me!

My hope is to have our story inspire others to try a healthier lifestyle. Honestly, with Obamacare, we need to become less reliant on the medical industry and more reliant on our own natural resources and faith for our health.

Check out the links above for some inspiration. I’ll be back to post my 7 pounds in 7 day video diaries soon.

I’m juiced you’ve been here!

Sonya Lee


Genesis 1:29 A New Way to Eat

29 “Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” (Genesis 1:29) 

In 2010, I tried to become a Vegan and blogged about it for about two weeks. Why? Because I felt it would help me fight off skin cancer (which I’ve battled for over 10 years). With my family of six kids and 1 husband not on board, it just didn’t stick. Plus, I’m just plain weak in my resolve when it comes to food. Ugs! Just being honest.

Now, fast forward to October 2012 and here’s what’s happening:

My oldest daughter, age 16, who we’ll call B., is having health issues. Chronic illness. She’s been struggling with stomach pain and issues since May. Now, I am even homeschooling her because when she goes to the bathroom it will take her 2 1/2 hours!  This is one of the hardest things i’ve ever been through. Seeing your child sick is NOT easy…

So now, I’m confident God is calling me to transform our entire family to a completely Vegan diet. Why? Because the truth is in the results. I went to a 2-day session at a place called Hallelujah Acres. During my time there, people gave testimony after testimony of being healed of everything from cancer to allergies. The point being – their bodies were given the environment needed to recover and then restore themselves to ultimate health. In exactly two weeks, my daughter B and I will go to a Lifestyle center and for one week, we will be engulfed in the Vegan lifestyle with juicing as a primary resource. I just want to record my journey here, because I expect to see amazing results from my daughter, and myself and I want you to be here to experience it with me!  I will also share pictures and recipes as we rate them highly over here.

Below, I’ve attached my first blog in 2010 when I felt God calling me to become a Vegan. Thought you might like to read it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to stick with it, and I have since gained 10 more pounds…

Why Vegan?

Why become a vegan?

I have been pondering this question a lot lately. Actually, I’ve been fighting this question a lot lately!! I really enjoy eating meat and dairy products. So why would I want to give up two food groups???

For me, it is a walk of obedience. If you’ve seen my profile picture than you have wondered if I color my hair – “No!” I’m a natural blond with fair skin. Multiply that by a pool in my backyard growing up and vacations at the beach every summer to equal SUN BURN. Now, I’m 43 years old, a wife and mother to six children, and a woman who keeps getting skin cancer. To date, I’ve had 7 surgeries to remove Basal Cell Carcinoma. Once on my calf, one from each shoulder, my lip (worst one), and twice on my forehead. I know that Basal cell carcinoma is not deadly. HOWEVER, you have to remove it or it will keep growing and become even more disfiguring. Instead of worrying about getting wrinkles, I fret about how to conceal my latest scars from the surgeries.

As I type this, I have stitches in my right shoulder and left calf. Not comfortable, or pleasant to endure. The doctors all told me to just stay out of the sun. I have been for several years now! No more fun at the beach or gardening because I can’t play outside between 9 and 4pm. There must be another way.

I’ve been praying and searching for another “healthier” way to help my body stop producing these cancers. God led me to a book called, “The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. I highly recommend this book to everyone! A must read.

It talks about turning on and off cancer growth by stopping or starting animal protein consumption. And not large amounts of animal protein, but a diet of 20% animal protein will create the right environment for cancer cells to grow 100% of the time. But, drop down to only 5% animal protein and the cancer growth stops 100% of the time. So, here’s where I am today. Unsure if I really believe this. I want to. But really. Is this like one of those diet books promising good results only to later find out that no diet is effective for the long haul? I hope not.

Becoming a VEGAN is no easy task!!! Yesterday, the Lord reminded me of the healing in John chapter 9. There was a man born blind and Jesus put mud over his eyes and told him to go and wash and when he had done this, he was healed and his eyes opened up. Now, why did this man have to DOsomething to be healed? I don’t know except it may have been a walk of obedience.

That story prompted me to dive in to becoming a vegan in order to see healing in my body from cancer. This blog will be where I document my journey (and even some good recipe’s). If God is leading you to a healthier way of eating, I encourage you to join me and we can walk this journey together. To God be the glory!



Space, The Final Frontier

Are any of you Star Trek fans? Then you will remember this line from every episode, “Space, the Final Frontier.”
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I’ve recently adapted it to fit into my own life. Instead of outer space, I am using it to represent my own personal space, or as Michael Hyatt recently posted, Margin.

During the month of June, my life was in hyper-drive. The children needed to be driven all over town at any given moment, and I began impulse buying whenever I had the chance to drop by the store, causing my budget to blow up. I had zero time to spend with my friends, or my husband, or even God. My writing ceased, and with it, my navigational system went out.

After a monthh of this, I realized the importance of creating space in every area of my life. Just as the Enterprise had a Chief Engineer, Scotty, to maintain the ship, I needed to have a plan of action for my life in writing.. Reading the above post on Margin, inspired me to compile an ideal week.

Now I realize the importance of setting aside certain days of the week for writing, and adult time, and yes, even time for my kids to be driven all over town. This way, I can post it on the refrigerator, and my entire crew can see where we are headed.

My budget is back on track, thanks to a recent book called, “World’s Cheapest Family.” Amazingly, the advice in this book goes right along with my newfound desire to create space in my life. Now my finances can have the proper space, ccreating a much safer flying experience.

How’s your ship running these days? Have you given up space, allowing your ship to run out of control? If so, pull into tthe healing station and create your own ideal week, then head out into the abyss with confidence that you are running on all cylinders.

Until next time, this has been Captains Log, #1.



Summer Break

My kids have now been out of school for 22 days…

What I’ve discovered:

1) I don’t have time to Facebook.

2) I don’t have time to blog.

3) I should be a licensed taxi driver.

4) I’m exhausted from all of the activities.

5) The school year is my “summer” break.

Due to the high volume of activities in my life this summer, I will cease blogging until sometime in late August when my children return to school and I begin my “summer” break.



50 shades of Grey

Everywhere I turn, 50 Shades of Grey is on everyones mind. Being curious as to what the fuss was about, I googled the book for an overview… GASP!


Somehow this book has transcended into Christian and non-Christian homes alike. Why?

Could it be the shades of grey? Well, if this area is a shade of grey than sure, let’s give it a try, right? Wrong!

Jesus was many things when He walked on the earth, but a shade of grey was not one of them. Everything He stood for was clear and quite frankly, black & white.

I have not, nor will I read this book. Why? I need to follow my Savior’s lead and know what He stands for, so I can also stand for what is pure, and holy, and acceptable to God.

From the overview alone, I can deduce the book is porn for women. Most reviews say, “I couldn’t put it down” because porn is addictive. Be warned, if you choose to read romance porn that trivializes the need for purity and devalues the act of making love to your spouse, you will open the door for sin.

In my opinion, the book 50 Shades of Grey is black and white…trash journalism.




I need your help. Please honestly answer the following seven questions:

1) Have you ever CONSIDERED adopting a child?

2) Have you ever CONSIDERED how you can help others adopt?

3) Have you ever SPONSORED a child financially?

4) Have you ever CONSIDERED being a foster parent?

5) Do you KNOW anyone who has adopted? If yes, did you support them in any way? (prayer or financial)

6) Do you BELIEVE adoption is mostly for the infertile?

7) Would you ever want information on how you could help orphans both here and abroad? (I will not take a yes answer as you wanting information from this website – just hypothetical.)

By answering this brief questionnaire, you are in no way committing to anything. I just want to know what is in America’s heart regarding this topic. Your answers will be invaluable tools for me as I consider a future project.

Thank you!



Get FAT with Me!

What’s the top headline on todays trendy magazines? 

How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” or  “How to get your beach body by summer.”

We Americans are obsessed with losing weight and being skinny.

What should the top headline be on the front of spiritual magazines? 

Get FAT with me. How to gain 10 spiritual disciplines in 10 days.” or “How to build those spiritual muscles before you need to use them in warfare.”

When I remember Isaiah 55:8,”‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.'” The world’s top priority of getting thinner doesn’t surprise me.

God’s economy says we should be:

FAT with scripture (Hide His words in your heart, that you might not sin against God)

FAT with prayer (Pray without ceasing)

FAT with fellowship (Forsake not the gathering together of the saints) 

Let’s remember it this way, Fully Abounding in Truth = FAT.

What do you say? Are you ready to get FAT with me?



Unexpected Lesson

With six kids, life at my house can be expensive. As a matter of fact, we just dropped nearly 10k so two of my precious gems could get braces.

My 10 year old daughter, Ashley, had the misfortune of asking to start up piano lessons the very day I wrote that ten thousand dollar check.

“No, honey.” I answered her. “We simply can’t afford it right now, and you’re too young for a job.”

Without a word, she simply went about her business.

I felt guilty. How could life be so unfair to my sweet girl? I wondered.

About 20 minutes later she came to me with a piece of paper in her hand. She said, “Mom, if I were to clean the piano teachers bathrooms, do you think that she would give me piano lessons in return?”

Impressed with her thought process, I told her to call the teacher.

The piano teacher thought it to be a great idea and said, yes!

Honestly, I felt disappointed when circumstances kept me from paying for my daughters piano lessons. But God had something special in mind for my girl. He wanted to instill work ethics and even help the piano teacher out for the summer.

When will I learn that life isn’t always about me?



As Iron Sharpens Iron

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV)

This is the verse I think of when I consider my time at the SCORRE 2012 conference.

Ken Davis holds nothing back in this training week. He gives us the tools we need to become successful communicators.

There’s another key to the SCORRE conference…

It’s one thing to have the tools you need in your tool belt, it’s another thing to actually get them out and learn how to use them.

Each day of the conference gives the attendees the opportunity to use each tool we’ve been given. This is the part I found INVALUABLE!!!

It’s putting reality to skills. Anyone can tell you how to do something, but a true leader takes the time to show you.

I left SCORRE with a confidence I never knew was possible. I’ve begun seeking out more speaking engagements because I’m confident in my new found skills of communicating truths effectively to others.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the next SCORRE conference!

Thank you to my personal mentoring group, and to the staff of the SCORRE conference for changing my ability to communicate in an immeasurable way.